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15 year old Victor Bloeman listened to his dying grandfather recall his ordeal as an inmate of the Nazi-Concentration-Camp Mittelwerk/Camp Dora where he was forced to build V2 rockets. Years later Victor drops out of University and takes up a job as a sub-manager in a super-farm that his well-connected father has arranged for him.
There he is in charge of a shed of 1000 cows that never leave the shed. Is it the drugs he took on campus or the memory of his grandfather’s tale? One day whilst at work in “his shed” he looks into the eyes of one of the cows in his care and he realises that he looks into the eyes of a fellow being.
He uses his knowledge of stage set design, his true vocation, to create a space where he hides “his cow”. Eventually Victor’s cow gives birth to a bull calf. Will Victor be able to hide “his cow and her calf?” How will the presence of a bull calf affect the other cows in the shed?

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