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The Realm Of The Spirit: A Divine Revelation Of The Supernatural Realm

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This publication addresses a myriad of questions pertaining to the dynamics of the spirit world and the realities of the Heavenly realm. It expounds more on operating in the heavenly places so that we could understand the realm and the depth that God has for us. It brings to your consciousness the divine reality that God’s original Master plan was for man to live in the supernatural realm. It explores the deeper realms of the spirit realm which Paul described in prophetic language as something inexpressible for man to tell. The purpose of this book is to share some experiences from the spirit realm that could provoke an insatiable appetite, perennial hunger and unquenchable thirst for the supernatural. It brings you to a point whereby you are more open and knowledge about the things of Heaven. The reading of this book will culminate in the following divine realities in your life: • It will launch you into the greater depths of the spirit realm whereby it’s naturally supernatural to live in the Throne Room as if it’s your living room, walk with angels as if they are your friends and explore the beauty of the heavenly realm. • It will catapult you to the highest realms of the supernatural whereby you will experience the reality of heaven and the spirit world. • It will awaken your consciousness to the reality of the Heavenly realm and cause you to tread in the deepest territories of the glory realm. • It will usher you right into the very manifest presence of God and tap into the unimaginable glory of God in the third dimension.

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