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We all have experienced tense times with our sibs at one time or another. Sometimes we create tension ourselves. Sometimes we just have gone through a very bad day and we come home and blast our younger sibs. How many times have you taken out your frustrations on your sibs? How many times have you and your sibs fought?

We live in the families that God has placed us in. We don’t know why God placed us in the families that He did but sometimes you wonder if He knew what He was doing because your sibs are just plain weird. They act like they are brain-dead, like someone stuck a tube in their heads and sucked out their brains. Maybe God was on vacation when He assigned you to your family. At any rate, family relationships are key to who we are and how we turn out. Sibling relationships are so hard. Sometimes you just don't want to make the effort to be nice to your bro or sis.

They invade your privacy. They stick their nose into your business. They’re always hangin’ around you when you have your friends over. They stick to you like flies on fly-paper. You begin to wonder if there will ever be peace between you and your sibs. Maybe God has a cool reason for why He put you in your family and gave you the sibs that you have. Let’s see what we can learn about sibling relationships this week.

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