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One Night Stand: Could this be the Beginning of Forever?: The Colour Series, #1

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Quirky and Satisfying, Jack O. Daniel's first novel is a triumph. 

One Night Stand: Could this be the beginning of forever?  is a  lovely, modern fairytale spiced up with a drizzle of Shakespearean quotes.

The story begins when Red and Isabel meet on a deserted beach in spectacular NEW ZEALAND, the land of great white clouds.

Her eyes, he decides, are outrageously stunning. He invites her to his bach, a pavilion overlooking Red Beach. From the start, the chemistry between them is palpable. 

He waits for her to make the first move; she holds his gaze through the glass window for a second longer before she turns and takes a step forward. Then, they make passionate love.

It is supposed to be a one-night stand, so neither ask the other their names.

When they part ways, she does not know that he is a Kiwi-American hybrid, an Eton-educated, Shakespeare-quoting action hero, working for the U.S. Secret Service Treasury Department. And, he does not find out, until much later, that she is an American heiress.

By sheer coincidence, or is it fate, their paths cross again. However, in their way is an egotistical con man.

Will they have a happy ending?

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