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Logic & Words

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A preface previews some points made in prior essays on philosophical matters. Chapter 1 opines on Ayn Rand. Objectivism is subjective and violates identity principle of logic, thereby violating the non-contradiction principle of logic and making the either/or principle nonsense. We take broadsides at her character, her novels, her fallacies. Chapter 2 briefly discusses Plato's Euthyphro and Apology. We note that carrier and carried do not correspond to lover and beloved. The beloved has indefinable traits inherent to the reason for the lover's love that cannot be separated by the mechanical way that carrier and carried are separated. The reason why a carrier carries the carried are separate from what the carrier carries. The beloved is not so separated. We discuss some sophistries of Socrates, impugn his character and reputation for integrity, show him to be destructive of truth and of his own life. Chapter 3 summarizes some points and notes that altruism is a logically inconsistent notion, and not supported by biblical injunctions.

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