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Plea For Justice: Action & Adventure - Special Agent Cruz, #3

Length: 229 pages3 hours


With no leads in a triple homicide case, an FBI agent must rely on a comatose patient for answers.

Thinking she's seen the worst that people can do to each other, Special Agent Raychel DelaCruz is proven wrong.

A woman, the fourth victim of a savage beating, awakens from a coma.

She hastily scribbles on a notepad before losing consciousness.

DelaCruz uses the sketch to track down the killer, a known gang banger.

Instead of closing a murder case, however, she uncovers a larger criminal scheme, involving Washington, D.C.'s most notorious gang.

And the leader is not about to let an FBI agent get in his way.

…Fast-paced, this clean FBI thriller will keep you reading well into the night…

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Series Description

Plea For Justice is the third chapter in a pulse-pounding adventure series, featuring a strong female protagonist and:

Fascinating characters Nonstop suspense Fast-paced action scenes Clean language

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