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Last Pursuit: The Colour Series, #2

Length: 225 pages2 hours


Jack O Daniel's follow-up story to One Night Stand: Could this be the beginning of forever? is equally engaging, riveting, and exciting as the first.

Cherie, Blue's daughter, is kidnapped by a cold and calculating con man. So, accompanied by his faithful dog, Molly, Blue starts on a quest to get her back.

Their search takes them to a mansion near Windsor Castle in England where it all began. They soon discover they're not the only ones looking for the narcissistic con man. They come across each other; consequently, Molly is shot protecting her human dad from harm.

Blue is distraught about leaving Molly to keep looking for Cherie, but he must believe that his faithful companion will be okay. He has no choice.

Will Molly be alright?

Meanwhile, Cherie is being kept in a yacht somewhere in the Mediterranean. Here, she is well taken-cared of by a woman called Melanie. 

Who is Melanie and why does she feel so bonded with the little girl?

The search for Cherie takes Blue from rural England to Greece.

Will he find her in time?

To find out, get your copy of Last Pursuit now!

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