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Damned Beings. Metamorphosis (Book 3)

Length: 579 pages7 hours


Gothic Novel, dark fantasy

The Red Demon, an empathic and tormened vampire, has just been converted by his Master, which leads him to lose his "sibfriend" Eva. In this third book we will see that harsh transformation process (physical, moral, social) as the rest of characters gets related in astounding and unexpected associations.
Emotion, mystery, pain, suspense, humor and terror will unite in this unsettling volume of the saga to surprise and excite you without limits. Prepare yourself to laugh, cry, get horrified, to FEEL IN ALL CAPS with "I" and Wva, with Leo, the necromancers Luna and Ianire, the diabolic doll Paula, with the demon Arioch and a long cast of connected damned characters.

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