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No Brainer Investing and Trading for Self-Directed Beginners

Length: 119 pages2 hours


If you are completely new to trading and investing and are looking for a way to make unlimited money from working in the financial markets No Brainer Investing and Trading for Self-Directed Beginners is for you. You don’t have to have any experience to understand what this book is about because it tells you everything you need to know to become a highly profitable day trader, swing trader or position trader. This trading method works on any asset class and on any time frame so you can swing trade, position trade or even trade intraday if that is what you wish to do, you don’t need a formal education or even a high school diploma to make this trading method work because it is the way the markets work every day, why not learn that and use it as your actual trading method right?

This book describes how to trade in a way that can give you all the free time you are looking for from your brand new trading business and then some. If you are willing to put forth the effort and learn how to trade with a set it and forget it mindset you can have a very nice life from trading the financial markets and become very rich depending on how much capital you are using to invest and trade with. The amount of money you can make from doing this business is unlimited, isn’t that the type of business you’d like to be in?

Once you take the steps to become a consistently profitable trader by doing the proper education and training for this type on investing and trading you will have a lifelong skill that will enable you to make unlimited amounts money from anywhere you chose to be in the world day or night as long as there is WIFI. There is nothing wrong with hanging out at the beach on a beautiful sunny day or kicking back on your boat at the marina and making money while you are doing it, right?

No Brainer Investing and Trading for Self-Directed Beginners describes a method of trading that is used by all professionals in the financial market who are money makers. It is really nothing special and is the way the markets have worked since the beginning of time when there were markets and trading. Doesn’t it make complete sense to you to learn a method of trading that the actual price of the market you want to work in is based on? To me it’s a no brainer however most brand new traders make it very hard on themselves and their accounts in the beginning by learning all the wrong information from day one don’t be that trader.

Remember, it is only what you do in the live market with real money that matters and the only place you can make real money is the live market using your own hard earned real money so that is all the more reason to be completely prepared when going to work in there. What you do when practicing on demo does not matter because it is not real money and it is not a real order being executed in the live market; never lose sight of that because it gets brand new self-directed investors and traders into a lot of trouble in their real money account. Learn the method of trading in No Brainer Investing and Trading for Self-Directed Beginners and you can be chugging your money train to the bank on a consistent basis, what are you waiting for?

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