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The 3MS&D+3 Investing & Trading Method

Length: 149 pages2 hours


New traders also spend waaaay too much time on looking for the magical combination of indicators, settings and colors they think will show them something that is going to help them make more money. There are no shortcuts or bells that go ding to tell you to enter the right position so stop looking right now, The 3MS&D+3 Investing & Trading Method uses no indicators.

All you need to see is right in front of you on the price chart and that is price and time. Those are the only things that professional traders care about and nothing else. You can certainly use your chart like a crystal ball to tell you where price will go with a high degree of certainty. The 3MS&D+3 Investing & Trading Method is for traders who wish to make an unlimited income from trading the financial markets and use a method which is actually based on how the market actually works.

For The 3MS&D+3 Investing & Trading Method to work for you and make you an unlimited income you will need to have mastered everything this book talks about and then some. There are no magic trading systems, colorful indicators or bells that go ding on your chart to tell you when to make money here, just a simple method of investing and trading which works on any asset class on any time frame although it works best and makes the most money on a daily chart just like the smart money uses.

When you are done reading this book you will have an excellent basic explanation The 3MS&D+3 Investing & Trading Method and also of what and what not to do before you even study anything or do any kind of education. The information in this book will empower you to make money and put you on the fast track to becoming a successful self-directed investor and trader with very little money invested other than the cost of this book, learning it Harvard or Columbia business school would cost one hundred thousand dollars or more.

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