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Love is Patient

Length: 100 pages1 hour


When you make a decision, always choose love…

Anna, an Amish girl in a small town, doesn’t need a husband. She doesn’t want to marry a man that her parents told her about. Instead, she dreams of traveling to places she has never been to, not because she wanted to get away from her hometown that defined her identity, but because she wanted to be free from the world she grew up. She wanted to experience the world and accept everything it has to offer. She’s ready for anything. She’s ready for an adventure. But is she ready to fall in love?

Jayden, a man out of town and a famous actor, had lost a place to stay for his vacation until he met an Amish girl named Anna. She gave him a place to stay but will he be the key in making Anna’s dreams come true?

At the end of Anna’s journey, she must decide. Would she choose the path that leads her back to her family and the community she grew up to or the path that leads her to stay with her lover in a city completely unknown to her?

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