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Playing Doctor - Allison Gatta

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Chapter One

Back before Sterling Financial Industries had become Sterling Drake Financial, her name had simply been Felicia Webb. Sometimes it had been Felicia. Sometimes Miss. Webb. But now? With Frank Eagle Feather Drake as her boss?

She was Moonbeam Honeysuckle Webb.

Or, at least that was her name according to the company's brand new spiritual advisor, Simon Warrior Soul Hammersmith.

Still, considering Simon's horn-rimmed glasses, slight frame, and general accountant-like demeanor, she figured she'd be calling him Mr. Hammersmith from now on.

Moonbeam, Her boss called to her and she looked up from the place where she'd been sitting, squinting off into the sunset.

Yes, sir? she asked.

How many times do I have to tell you, we don't believe in sirs or ma'ams now. We're all equals, no need for formality.

Right. Felicia's top knot suddenly felt that much tighter compared to her boss' flowing mane of gray curls. With a wave of his hand, he swept them over the collar of his floral Hawaiian shirt and smiled down at her with the same dreamy expression he'd been wearing since the first meeting she'd been in with him.

Back then, she'd had no idea what was about to befall her. She'd thought this might be a new chance--a new boss to impress with her skill and efficiency. Someone who'd notice her for what she was instead of keeping her at the same menial post because she refused to go out with him.

She'd been wrong, though.

Boy, oh boy, had she been wrong.

Come join the circle, Moonbeam. He patted her shoulder and she did her best not to flinch before setting off to join the semi-circle of cross-legged professionals on the sand. A few feet away from them, the ocean lapped at the shore, leaving little traces of foam with every pull of the tide. Just looking at it made her stomach clench up in terror.

After this morning's palmistry seminar--where she learned that she needed to find her inner truth and embrace the triple goddess, whatever that meant--and this afternoon's practice in trust falls, she didn't have much hope for the evening activities. In fact, she had the sneaking suspicion that they were only a few minutes away from stripping off their business casual and running into the ocean to find peace with nature or some other such nonsense.

Once Felicia settled on the sand between Tiny Dancer and Yoga Princess--otherwise known as Drew and Sarah from HR--Frank cleared his throat and beamed down at them.

Briefly, Felicia wondered how this probably looked to outsiders simply strolling along the North Shore. Frank, with his long gray curls, his purple lei, and the golden orange sunset at his back. The corporate staff surrounding him like breathless sycophants. If she had to guess, she imagined it looked not a little like a cult.

Hello everyone. Frank said in his usual dulcet tones. I hope you all had a pleasant break this afternoon and that the retreat's events have been inspiring as well as fulfilling. Don't get me wrong. I know that this merger has been...shall we say unorthodox? Frank let out a little chuckle and everyone nervously followed suit. Everyone, that was, except Felicia, who was so busy trying to keep a straight face that she couldn't bring herself to move even a fraction of a muscle.

I'm sure several of you have wondered why we've been engaged in these activities. A few of you may even have found them to be silly. That's fine. He spread his hands open and nodded. I know that you're all used to corporate America. But I have some good news for you. Corporate America is changing. We're not a 9-5 punch-in, punch-out type of company, and you're not cogs in a machine. You're individuals. And to show that, we've been working to help you not only to explore that individuality, but to embrace it. To be YOU-nique. He air-quoted the phrase, you, and Felicia’s urge to roll her eyes nearly short-circuited her brain.

This type of company isn't for everyone. His gaze lingered on Felicia for a fraction too long. But by the end of this retreat, you may find that what once seemed silly now feels completely normal. We want you to embrace these changes, to embrace new experiences. That will not only make you a better worker, but it will also make you a better you.

Frank grinned, then said, "Now, if you'll all please rise, I'll lead you to our final activity for the