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Nine Drops of Love: Love Potion Christmas Story

Length: 74 pages55 minutes


Tasha, a young American woman from a Dominican background is madly in love with Alex.  Good looking with blue eyes and a dimple in his chin, Alex seems smitten with Sasha, a seductress who is everything Tasha is not. Desperate to make

Alex fall in love with her in time for Christmas, Tasha browses in an odd bookstore in Williamsburg. The proprietor, a strange old woman with long orange hair hands her a recipe for a love potion. Is Tasha naïve to believe this might actually be magic?

Despite warnings that the old woman may be a demon, Tasha tries to get all the ingredients of this unusual recipe. With the aid of her good friend James, she manages to put it all together with the exception of one unusual ingredient.

But even if she succeeds in adding the final element, can she administer the dose of nine drops on nine separate days? And if she does, what will happen?

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