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200,000 Miles - Allister Remm

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October 7th 1999: 6 miles. Anchor point added to vehicle successfully.

November 1st 2002, First owner, 25,119 miles. Replaced left door latch.

July 18th 2005, 47,649 miles. Replaced brake pads and rotors.

June 8th 2006, 56,510 miles. Replaced broken left tie rod.

December 19th 2006, 62,110 miles. Replaced the power steering rack and both upper ball joints.

April 7th 2008, 75,577 miles. Replaced fouled spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, and plug wires.

January 22nd 2009, 96,118 miles. Replaced water pump, thermostat, and power steering pump.

April 15th 2010, Second owner, 105,922 miles. Drained and refilled rear differential. Replaced transmission fluid and filter. Replaced front shocks.

July 27th 2011, 120,573 miles. Replaced muffler.

August 16th 2012, 135,311 miles. Replaced rear wheel bearing, serpentine belt, and idle air control valve.

July 31st 2013, 151,455 miles. Replaced lower ball joints, front shocks, right tie rod and power steering pump, again.

October 23rd 2014, 166,224 miles. Replaced power steering rack again.

August 5th 2015, 178,110 miles. Replaced exhaust from the Y pipe back. Replaced rear shocks.

September 12th 2016, Third owner, 182,976 miles. Replaced radiator, radiator hoses, and thermostat.

May 5th 2017: 200,000 miles. Time displacer activated. Eight jumps possible. Rules sheet placed inside vehicle. The experiment begins.

Chapter 1

It was cheap. $900. It ran and drove, and Jake needed a truck. Even this little truck with its 6 foot bed could hold a lot of scrap metal. For a $900 beater it wasn't too bad, but like all beaters it had its share of problems.

The tires were almost bald for starters. They'd need to be replaced before winter. The windshield wiper linkage was worn. There was no air conditioning because of a broken refrigerant line. The shaking it did at certain speeds told him that it probably needed a new U joint. He had at least four different leaks that he knew of. The power steering pump was the worst. Even several bottles of Stop Leak had done little to stop that leak. Then there was the rust. Being a 2000 model year that reached the 200,000 milestone when he pulled into the driveway last night, rust was inevitable. However it seemed that the bodies on these 2nd gen models always rusted faster than the 1st gens did. However in the 1st gens, the frames tended to rust out. Road salt. Planned obsolescence, he was sure of it.

Then there were the electrical gremlins. The battery gauge randomly went to 18 volts while driving even though the actual battery voltage remained within normal levels. The temperature gauge didn't work. The door chime sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. The power windows sometimes worked, sometimes didn't. The