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Anti-Necromancer: Mexican Mansion

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I then see an attacker sort of glide down the roadway that I travel. My attacker proves to be female, with a bone white face and very red lips. I tell her, “I'm of no use to you. Also, it will likely get very dangerous here, in the near future.”
The female pauses for just an instant and then throws herself at me, with a wild cry.
I use Glyr, in a sweeping slash that drops the vampire on the road.
The badly wounded vampire gazes at me with a burning sort of stare. She says, “You're not ...”
I reply, “No, I'm not human. My ancestors grew from a different ocean and what flows though my veins is not suitable for your kind to feed upon.”
The vampire gasps, “Do you know what this place is?” The vampire then dies.
Glyr feeds me some of the life force that the demon has acquired, from the vampire.
I gain strength. I pause and address the dead vampire, “Yes I do. In fact, that's why we’re here.”
Glyr mind speaks to me, “A more deadly opponent.”
I mind speak back, “It will get a lot worse, before it gets better.” I then continue, up the road.
As I come to another turn in the road, bats descend on me, from the sky. I use Glyr to slice a couple of the bats in half. I’m then rushed by five bone white face vampires. One of the vampires unwisely reaches for me and I amputate its arm.
The bats are maddened by the blood from the vampire and the blood of their own. The bats attack the vampires, slowing the attack on me, by the vampires.
My death is very near.
One of the vampires ignores the bats and leaps at me.
I behead the leaping vampire. I then sweep away a couple of bats, who are confused when they find that they can’t feed on me.
(The leader of the beings that attack me is obviously young and inexperienced. I might well have been overcome by the attack of five vampires. I might well have been overcome by the attack of the vampire bats. However, the vampire bats can’t feed on me and they can feed on the blood of the vampires. The combined attack weakens each force and I may just survive.)
I then thrust Glyr into the chest of the nearest vampire, as he tries to deal with bats.
A female vampire leaps over the wounded male and tries for my throat.
I have just enough time to withdraw Glyr from the chest of the male vampire and let the leaping female vampire impale herself on Glyr.
There are three surviving vampires. The one unwounded vampire rallies the two wounded vampires and the trio advance on me. Each of the trio is covered with bats.
I move to my left and decapitate the one armed vampire. I still have enough time to get in defensive position, against the two remaining vampires. I splatter the unwounded vampire with the blood of the just beheaded vampire.
The vampire on the right, is attended by vampire bats, sucking the blood from its chest wound. The vampire on the right then collapses on the ground, apparently dead.
I then face the remaining vampire.
The remaining vampire dances, just outside of the reach of Glyr. The dance would have been more effective if the vampire was not being attacked by a couple of bats. Suddenly, the vampire leaps high into the air and tries to come down on me, from the sky.
I don’t want even a badly wounded vampire on top of me, so I move to my right and amputate an arm of the leaping vampire.
The vampire crashes to the ground and attempts to roll toward me, over its amputated arm.
I slash with Glyr and divide the vampire head into two parts.
The dying vampire still manages to grab me with its one good arm. However, the death of the vampire ends the clutching grab and I find myself alone, save for a couple of bats, feeding on vampire blood.
I then use Glyr to make sure that all of the vampires are dead. After I finish, I stand wounded, but alive. I grab my canteen and suck greedily at the water.

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