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Fate of the Hybrid - A.K. Koonce

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Chapter One


I shouldn’t linger here, but I’ve got nothing but time. When you’ve spent your whole life avoiding the world, you become incredibly aware of the very thing you’re hiding from. I’m constantly conscious of the damaged world that surrounds me; of humans that rule over the dwindling mystics, such as myself; of the scorching climate that threatens to burn us all from existence; and of the genocides that are happening to my own race. And, as always, I’m mindful of the slowly passing hours that fill my lonely days.

Needless to say, with the weight of the world continuously on my mind, I’m not too worried about the creatures that crawl through this part of the woods. The river is a life source for both mystics and mortals. Whether feeding on flesh or fruit, we all need water.

I lie against a jagged boulder, my arms tucked leisurely behind my head. Closing my eyes to the warm sun, I let my thoughts drift away for just a moment. The sound of water streaming over smooth rock fills my thoughts. I start to shove my hand through my short brown hair when the snap of a twig deep in the heart of the woods calls out to me.

Careful and quiet breaths fill my lungs and I extend my senses while appearing unalarmed by the lurking creature. I let the sound of the wild fully enter my mind… Nothing else is heard. The forest is entirely silent, which can mean only one thing.

A predator is prowling somewhere.

Slowly I open my eyes to find a beautiful dark-haired woman leaning over me who I, unfortunately, know too well. The pale morning light filters through her tresses, causing the soft angles of her face to appear even more angelic.

I was wondering when you might open those pretty silver eyes to me, the woman says with a faint smile.

Her hair swoops down, curtaining around me. A delicate hand rests close to my bicep, almost touching but not quite. I clench my jaw and push off from the boulder in one swift move, putting as much space between us as possible.

Annessa, how have you been? I ask, forcing a friendly tone.

My fingers brush against the hilt of the Crimson Sword casually, letting it stay sheathed at my side but drawing her attention to the weapon at the same time; a reminder of how quickly her death might come to her. A calm