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Pain, Life, Love

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Whether you are trying to dive deep into life and existence, remove suffering from your life or just simply stuck and looking for a way to proceed. This book opens up space within you for you to move, become unstuck and find ease, clarity, calmness and deep relaxation in your life. Pain, Life, Love points the way inward to what you may have forgotten about or missed along the way. It is a gentle, Heart-felt nudge into something that maybe you have lost. It is a return to what may have been left behind while you were building your life. It is a brief, but profound expansion into Pain — emotional pain, Life and Love – unconditioned love.

I hope it can guide you to: pain without suffering, life beyond birth and death and love without cause. I hope this books speaks to you and resonates with you. I hope it can open up a calm space within you. I hope it can guide you through dark or painful times and above all, I hope it helps.

This book is the culmination of spontaneous writings inspired by the countless questions posed to me on my blog on Tumblr; thecalminside. Through those writings this book and its main themes came about. Those questions helped me realize, that although we have vastly different experiences of life, we all share a common experience of Pain, Life and Love. They are something that we all have in common and they are powerful forces in all of our lives and I hope this book helps those that find it navigate through those things in a gentle way.

What some have said about Pain, Life, Love:


"I loved it so so much, it was a really warm, calm and purifying reading experience. I felt that my heart was reading, not my mind."

"Really enjoyed reading your booklet! Thank you for making it available! I especially connected with the section on fear. ....thank you again!"

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed putting it together.

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