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Maybe You Were Poisoned

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Samantha Jones writes about her experience of being poisoned and how she detoxed and overcame the nightmare, thanks to a DNA testing and toxicology lab in Westminister, Colorado. This is a powerful warning to vulnerable women and seniors. Self-help for victims of poisoning.

If you were poisoned, you are not alone. History lists hundreds of famous people who were poisoned—some lived and many others died. In a nutshell, the poisoner—usually a political foe or jealous lover—plays the ultimate power card to destroy the perceived threat. History tells us to avoid power-crazed friends and move towards friends with love-based values.

The senior population is especially vulnerable to poisoning. Maybe someone is after your money or life insurance policy? Or maybe a friend is a secret controller? If you are an isolated senior you can easily be used and murdered by poisoning, and no one would ever know the cause. Are you dating a perceived gentleman, a pillar of the community? Be careful of a Jekyll and Hyde personality.

Many mild-mannered people fit the poisoner’s psychological profile. Homicidal poisoners are manipulative and don’t like confrontation. Poisoners come with all levels of IQ and have a desperate need to control others. Often hiding feelings of inadequacy, they are like unhappy children bent on getting their way no matter what. Developmentally stunted, poisoners are good at crocodile tears but have no real compassion. Well-rehearsed at appearing to be kind and caring, poisoners are into power and control at any price. And let’s face it—poisonous substances are easily available!

Poison symptoms and detoxification are discussed.

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