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Hadagery, Book of Canaan (Chapter 4)

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An odd feeling came over him. It started at his hand, and up his arm, and halted within the entrance of his mind. As he tuned into its worldly knowledge. Understanding this place is Nocturnia. Nocturnia is where the night creatures dwell. A shadow realm that coexisted with the earthly planes. Why was he here? Then answered the question just as quickly, "A living doll is unnatural." Whispering, "Unnatural as all the night creatures in this realm." Then a trumpet sounded loud and clear. Inescapably a sign from his world about the end-times. Times far beyond the Apostolic age. Far into the future. The age of awakening. As each and every vision warned of natural disasters, famine, and so on for many years. Then an even darker warning played in his head. Be wary of those in positions of trust. For trust may not be helping hands. Rather wolves in sheep's clothing. Those wolves will herd the suffering into camps for slaughter. A depopulation zone. Burying millions in disposable coffins. Keeping only those who will be managed. He could feel his heart breaking. Evil is a master manipulator. Evil was why he was here.

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