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The Most Important Human Health Food: Jaggery

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According to Ayurveda of developed during Vaidic Era but tarnished later by Hinduism, Jaggery or Guda in Hindi language is the most important human health food considered to be equivalent to Ganesha, the greatest scholars of Vaidic Era and developer of Jaggery. It is prepared from Sugar Cane juice after heating it for hours for concentration and then cooling for solidification in desired shaped molds. It is the cheapest treatment available today for anemia and bacterial infections.
Ayurveda doesn’t have any special medicinal plants but usual food components are its medicines, hence agricultural and horticultural harvests are its Medical stores. It improves health and cures diseases through adjustment of food ingredients in a person’s diet only. Moreover, Ayurveda stresses on better health of people so that they don’t fall sick instead of curing diseases in them. There is no Ayurvedic Medicine which cures a disease only without contributing to better health, and there is no health food that doesn’t cure some diseases.

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