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Accounting For Small Businesses QuickStart Guide: Understanding Accounting For Your Sole Proprietorship, Startup, & LLC

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Are you ready to optimize the financial foundation of your business? With this QuickStart guide from Clydebank Media, you’ll learn how to control your cash flow, audit-proof your business, and increase your profits. 

As is true with many of the titles from ClydeBank Media, Accounting For Small Business QuickStart Guide provides superior value in an easy-to-read, informative format. For readers genuinely interested in learning how to apply basic accounting principles in business, this guide will provide a fast, efficient path to understanding. 

Included in the content are several fun, educational example scenarios that illustrate how accounting principles function within and improve small business environments. A glossary of terms is included, as well as engaging practice problems and a comprehensive bonus quiz.

You don’t need to hire a CFO or enlist the services of a CPA. With the help of the autodidactic aficionados at ClydeBank Media, you’ll soon benefit from the financial clarity and decision-making prudence imparted by your command of fundamental accounting principles. Accounting is known as the true “language of business.” If you’re ready to find your fluency and boost your bottom line, then this QuickStart guide is your educational trailhead. Get it, read it, enjoy it. Consider it the first of many good decisions you’re soon to make thanks to your newfound endeavor as a moonlighting CPA. 

You'll Learn: Double-Entry Accounting The Interplay Between Assets, Liabilities, and Equity Accrual Accounting vs. Cash Accounting The Creation and Application of Financial Statements The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) Detecting and Preventing Fraud Optimizing Record Keeping "

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