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Mission: Stand Down

Length: 86 pages1 hour


Jay is a covert officer in the post-9/11 Central Intelligence Agency. Risking his life on a perilous mission of high importance to the CIA, he is a rare breed in the culture of bureaucratic stagnancy that the Agency has become. Under cover in a hostile environment, he stumbles upon weapons transactions that should be of interest to the intelligence community and even manages to sustain a love life. He accomplishes tasks of which few in the Agency could even dream.
But Jay quickly learns that while working for the CIA, one must be proficient at one thing - waiting.
When he gets called for an interview with the Secret Police, he begins to question not only his choice of career, but his blind loyalty to the Agency - the Agency that has put his life in danger on more than one occasion.
This book has been heavily redacted by the CIA.

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