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Angels to the Rescue: Inspirational Real-Life Stories from an ER Doctor

Length: 229 pages


Angels Are God's First Responders

From bestselling author Robert Lesslie (over 400,000 books sold) comes an all-new collection of thrilling inspiration from the emergency room. Join first responders and ER doctors as they encounter life-or-death situations, putting their training and beliefs to the test. Be uplifted as you meet real-life angels, such as

Elton, a daring highway patrolman who risks it all to prevent disaster James, the orthopedic tech with a God-given talent for mending hearts Shep, a principled fire captain whose most important lesson spares one of his own Denton, the tireless paramedic who rescues an injured man...from a hospital Maybelle, a faithful nursery volunteer who makes a life-saving diagnosis

As you read these heart-pounding stories of faith in the face of impossible odds, you'll be reminded that a loving and merciful God appoints angels, those you can and cannot see, to watch over you and intervene on your behalf.

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