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IRIS I love you



(Book 1 of 2)  Just because it hasn't happened, it does not mean it won't.

No one trusts the taxman.

Walter, whose political antennae are particularly sensitive, feels the intention of the governing party’s leadership is changing.  A plethora of new taxes is creeping into their agenda.  Is the new increasingly draconian tax regime for the good of the country or purely for their own political expedience?  Walter who spent all his life working for the tax department only now really grasps his connection with the ruling political party.  

Stella, even with all the disappointments in her life, sticks rigidly to her political beliefs.  There is no doubt at all that her loyalty has been to the detriment of her own life. 

Joseph a carefree sort of guy, who has no political allegiances, is just looking for a worthwhile job.  

When the characters of Walter, Stella and Joseph collide, a chemical reaction occurs.  A new paradigm is born.

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