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Potential Discovery - Olanike Afolabi

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It is really a great joy to put down these from what I know, because it is something I did; I allowed my attitude to open doors for right relationships for me through God’s help. I pray and hope that God multiplies this in our hearts to yield the desired results in our individual pursuits of self-discovery and making a difference in life.

Olanike Afolabi

The business of self-discovery is not what a single author can write on and believes it is the final technique of discovering one’s potentials. Day-to-day, different talents emerge. As darkness steps aside for light to rule, such is the intention of God to make everyone get out of blindness towards divine deposits in them and move to the level of self-realization.

The input of Olanike Afolabi in this re-edition is meant to give a concentrated and dynamic effort in handling the issues in self-discovery.

Ayomide Abiona.



This is the first transaction in the business of potential discovery even before making a difference with your potentials, you will have to discover yourself, explore your talents, skills, gifts, potentials and special abilities.

Understand that your gift is something given to you willingly by God at inception. Your gift is your natural ability.  I am sure you must have heard someone being called a gifted musician – this is an expression of such person’s natural ability to sing without being assisted or instructed you can carry out something inside you.  The only stake is that your gift remains a potential until it is utilized.

Your potentials are the possible gifts that can be transformed if properly utilized.  Potentials are more numerous than the total world population because an average human being has up to 5 potentials, but you will never know a well is dirty until you get to the bottom. Your potentials are just there, they are settled, fresh and intact if not consulted or developed. Skill is the cleverness, the creativity you ignite on your gifts resulting either from practice or from natural ability.