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Make it Seen - Tamar Sloan

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Summer and I used to play a lot, which isn't surprising seeing as we grew up together. You could say we were inseparable.

Our favourite game was telling shadow stories. We'd get the desk lamp, twist its ET head and shine it at the wall. Arms raised and fingers twisted, we'd throw shadowed figures up onto the smooth cream surface. We'd tell stories of distressed damsels rescuing themselves, of mighty heroines slaying the ogre. And not once did the heroine ride off into the sunset — in part because we never perfected the finger contortions needed to make a princess on a horse, but mostly because heroines didn't leave.

They stayed and protected.

Grace loved them. Four years younger than Summer, she'd sit, cross legged and pig-tailed, and watch the stories unfold. Together, we'd all become engrossed in the shadow world creating stories of strength and resilience and being brave no matter what.

But Summer grew up. Life started to show her that some stories came true. And some didn’t. As she grew taller and her hair grew longer, as responsibilities crowded in, that shadow world seemed less and less real. 

I never left though; I was the companion who saw it all. I was there on the walk to school when she met her best-friend Josie. I remember it because it was a particularly bright day, the height of the coastal Aussie heat was beating down on us as we moved across the path. Summer had just got a new skirt; one of those that furl and fly when you spin. Every few steps she would whirl like she couldn't help herself, watching the wavelike shapes she created on the pavement.

I noticed Josie before she did. She was tall like Summer, but unlike the willowy girl that was billowing her skirt like a flower, Josie looked like one of those people who gets angry at their own shadow for taking up too much room. She was one of those people who wanted to disappear. The moment Summer saw her, and saw what I