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Nick: Men of Honor, #3

Length: 333 pages4 hours


He’d been dodging the lightning, fighting the wind and rain, looking for a place to hide, when he’d seen the faint glow in the distance. There was no answer at the door so he’d broken in… and there she was, a beautiful Valkyrie. Wielding her sword, she screamed as she struck him—for no good reason—and then everything went black. Everything.

You’ve killed him, Bad Brenna taunted. Brenna looked down the steps at the man lying motionless in the tropical downpour. I told you that silly phobia would get you in trouble if you didn’t get a grip.

Brenna knew she was right, knew it was exactly why Bad Brenna existed, to help her cope with the trauma that had turned her into a scared rabbit whenever lightning entered the forecast. But her anxiety over the approaching storm had been magnified by yet another premonition. Typically, it meant someone was about to die. Had she been the means, this time, of fulfilling her own prophecy? As usual there were no clear answers. She must start trusting her sixth sense if she was ever going to get rid of Bad Brenna.

Book 3 in the Men of Honor series is a Contemporary Romantic Suspense "amnesia in the storm" story . 

Praise for the Men of Honor series - 

“Great story. Read in one sitting. Just had to find out the ending. Will look for more books by this author.” Luc

“There is a part near the end of this book that brought me to tears...I was sobbing. This book is dedicated to veterans and it's just a beautiful scene.” Ridge

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