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Famous expats in Italy

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Florence and Italy have been home to wealthy, noble and illustrious expatriates as well as to disputable foreign rogues and fugitives from the law. These are the Famous Expats in Italy.
Meet many of them in this book that details the biographies and passions of famous expats in Italy. They were patrons and partiers, scholars and visionaries. Far from average residents, people like Anglo-American writer Iris Origo, collector Peggy Guggenheim, exiled Queen Helen of Romania, Danish doctor Nicholas Steno and Russian benefactor Giovanni Meyer impacted the artistic and cultural heritage of their adopted country.
With her discreet eye for stories and connections, Pirro teases out the tales of the numerous temporary or permanent expats from England, America, Russia, Germany and beyond who made their homes in Italian cities throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This collection of essays, based on the author’s column in the news magazine The Florentine, is a treat for the seasoned Italy-lover.

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