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The Stranger in 0-G

Length: 50 pages40 minutes


Pena settles for what is instead of what could be.

Pena Chado is a victim of circumstance. Elevated from rural poverty to power and freedom, she's learned to stay silent when her soul screams and push her dreams aside for the bigger picture of duty.

Despite her loveless marriage, Pena remains loyal to her charismatic, alcoholic husband while shouldering the role of unwilling mother to an aloof child that terrifies her.

The scorching winds that bleach the bones of her desire ease when she is tasked with a delivery to a handsome, mysterious stranger; one that longs to consume the woman she is, not the one her responsibilities need her to be.

Trussed in ribbons and suspended zero gravity, her emerald haired seducer offers no name and asks for nothing in return except the passion she’s never known.


The Stranger in 0-G is a sci-fi erotica novella in the world of the upcoming Timewalker Saga series.

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