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Flight of the Gazebo: Hollow, #1

368 pages5 hours


Brace yourself! The fantastic Hollow series starts right here.

It isn't every day your world is turned upside down. Drome's troubles start when an oddly shaped gazebo carries his entire village - people, pets, buildings and all - to a quirky hollow world.

The village descends into chaos, backstabbing and murder as the villagers compete to survive. Meanwhile Drome is kidnapped by aliens with a burning interest in getting their hands on the gazebo that shoved the small town from Earth into their outside-in world.

The inhabitants of Hollow, a hodge-podge of aliens from all over the universe, believed that coming to Hollow was a one-way ticket but the gazebo promises a way out, a way to return to their home planets. Whoever controls the gazebo will be the most powerful, the richest, the... well, you get the picture.

While the village splinters into factions Drome careens from one crisis to the next, including deathly duels; imprisonment in the mind of a dog; fleeing down the sewers of the imperial palace and hurtling headlong into hideous battles with pirates. He rubs everyone up the wrong way, even a living skeleton who helps him escape his captors. But, with an assortment of murderous people out to get the fleeing pair - including the most scheming and dangerous person in the empire - will Drome and his touchy companion reach the village in time to warn them of the danger coming their way?

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