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Second Chance Mates Full Collection: Second Chance Mates

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Second Chance Mates Full Collection: Second Chance Mates

Length: 517 pages11 hours


WilderTen years ago, Logan left me. He told me that two Alphas cannot be together, that our mating wasn't real.Yesterday, my sister called and told me that Logan passed away, leaving behind an Omega and a child.Today, I'm at Logan's funeral. Why am I offering to look after his little family? Why am I the only one who will help them?

SterlingLogan and I had everything we ever wanted. Then he was ripped away from us in a car crash.Logan's family doesn't care for me after the funeral, so one of Logan's old friends steps in.Only, in all the commotion, I didn't keep an eye on my calendar, and my heat starts at the most inconvenient of times.And why is Logan's friend reacting to my heat? Only true mates are supposed to react to a mated Omega... What's going on?

This box set includes all eight novellas in the Second Chance Mates series: My Alpha's Secret, My Mate's Mark, My Lover's Will, My Omega's Disaster, My Family's Fight, My Beloved's Wedding, My Baby's Birth and Our Second Chance Life.This series contains Mpreg (male pregnancy).

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