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Snake in the Grass

Snake in the Grass

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Snake in the Grass

42 pages
35 minutes
Nov 14, 2017


Earlier doubts are slowly subjugated by apparent sympathetic consideration.
But, had it all been a deception?
Can we truly trust?
Can we really believe?
Can we?
A cautionary tale based upon true events.

Bitches #3

Nov 14, 2017

About the author

My initial inspiration to write came from when I realised my life, as well as those of my ancestors, were anything but ‘normal’. They were certainly not ‘run-of-the-mill’. Originating within a very loving family I was, at a very early age, unexpectedly thrown into a very cruel world. Abuse, torture, violence and disappointment followed and have been my companions for as long as I can remember. However, there were also some enjoyable fun times that I recall with pleasure. For example: when a good friend and I, dressed in evening gowns and with our best jewellery on, fell face first into mud or when a young man, stopping me in the High Street, went on his knees to, as he put it, ‘worship’ me. These and other similar events still bring a smile to my face. Having survived the abuse, torture (World War II) and eventually escaping from domestic violence I went on to experience a variety of different employments. Laboratory assistant, night hospital orderly, machinist in a clothing factory, finally finding a niche in the world of public houses and night clubs as a barmaid and waitress. Though not glamorous these did provide the income, by working three jobs at the same time, to support and bring up my son. Regrettably I did not entirely leave abuse and violence behind me. But I am a survivor and am here to share a variety of tales, both factual and fictional, with you. Website: If you have comments or questions or would like to contact me for any reason, please use website ‘Contact’ form at: Other books by the author: Details and links to other books by the athor may be found at: I hope enjoyed this book and would appreciate you leaving a review on any of the social media sites you may use as well as Amazon, Goodreads, etc. T. R. Robinson 2017

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Snake in the Grass - T. R. Robinson


in the


Bitches Series #3

T. R. Robinson

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All rights reserved.

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Cover by: T. R. Robinson



1 The Slither

2 The Turn

3. The Spit

4 The Strike

About the Author

Also by T. R. Robinson


Language: British English including British spelling has been used throughout.

Story basis: Despite being identified as falling within the ‘Biographical Fiction’ genre, this tale is essentially true, though some of the dialogue and thoughts have had to surmised.

Disclaimer: As stated, this tale has been inspired by and is based upon actual events. Therefore, to protect those still living, whether they deserve it or not, as well as the descendants and friends of those referred to, names of people and places have either been changed or omitted.

T. R. Robinson 2017

1 The Slither

How could I have been so taken in? So fooled? So trusting when deep down I knew better?

I remember the first time she massaged my poor old aching feet. The wonderful relief; the euphoric sensation; the freedom from pain. Could anything have been better or more enjoyable? It all created the promise of, hope for, better things to come. But was it to be? I thought so but ……

On that day my son Gordon and his wife Lucy had been making one of their rare visits to us in our distant country home. They resided in the city where they’d made their home after marriage. I’d been disappointed my son would be so distant but also pleased he’d secured profitable employment after his honourable, successful naval career.

I’d rested back in my chair enjoying all the new sensations that’d been prevalent. For as long as I could remember my feet had troubled me. Probably due to the rough ground we had to constantly traverse to get to our holdings and the long, long walks

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