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Her Blackened Heart: The Blackened Series, #2

163 pages2 hours


How does a witch know what lurks inside her heart?

It's a year later. Lady Isra and her tower have completely disappeared from view. Just her legend remains or so it seems!

Alas, it is an illusion. Isra and her mysterious tower have been hidden by a powerful cloaking spell, ordered by the raven man, Astrid!

Astrid has delved into the occult ways and has discovered he is quite the gifted practitioner! The raven man is highly skilled in his craft but could Astrid rival Isra's magick, or are they together, a force to be reckoned with?

Meet some new friends! Renounce an old foe and discover the eternal love between two souls that the darkest of hearts cannot resist!

Once again we enter into the fortress of Lady Isra and the devilish Astrid in "Her Blackened Heart" Book 2 in Isra Sravenheart's The Blackened Series!

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