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Two Kinds of Elizabeth

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Ciel “CC” Charbonneau is blessed with a job she enjoys, a great boss and supportive parents and friends. Still recovering from a painful breakup, she is content to hide behind baggy clothes and the safe walls of her cubicle by day and her condo by night. Until her routine—and her world—is rocked by the charming, talented and strikingly beautiful new-hire Elizabeth “Liz” McLeary. Liz’s flirtatiousness and air of impulsive excitement soon have the more reserved and controlled CC falling deeply—but into what?

Liz takes an immediate dislike to the other Elizabeth in CC’s life—her supervisor Elizabeth “Beth” Andrews. And the feeling is mutual (and then some!). Rumor has it that the lean athletic Beth has a secret crush on CC, but if she does, she’s been too professional to show it. Until now.

Beth and Liz are as different as a slow-burning spark and a sizzling flame and CC will soon find herself torn between an all-consuming passion and exhilarating happiness. Or can she have it all?

Genevieve Fortin is the author of the romance First Fall.

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