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Destiny Book of Love (Ultimate Edition): Destiny, #1

Length: 404 pages6 hours


Mysterious dreams have plagued a stubborn young man named Bii for months now. Compelled to help, he finds himself on a journey to rescue a missing prophet one morning. In order to find the true meaning of these dreams, he must travel to a futuristic world. The nation known as Heath is under civil war and is begging for renewed leadership. The illustrious Williamson Dynasty has given its young heir a chance to return to the seat of power in place of his father. The respect Carter demands from others around him will be tested by the foul and greedy council. Bii is trapped in the middle of a rebellion, caused by corruption and betrayal which flood most the nation with poverty and despair. In order to survive, he must contend against his forgotten past, a family dynasty, and his own Destiny.

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