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City of Daggers (The Iron Teeth Book 2)

Length: 516 pages10 hours


The lawless North is changing. The strongest bandits have begun claiming territory for themselves, and there is only so much to go around. The spectre of violence hangs heavy over the land.

Daggerpoint is a hive of villainy and evil, ruled by no one. Thugs and murderers roam the streets, where anything is available for the right price, even the darkest of secrets and most dangerous of magics. It is here that Herad the Black Snake travels in order to meet with the other chiefs. However, her enemies have set a trap for her. Assassins gather in the shadows as gangs unite against her. The entire city prepares to tear her down.

Yet, Herad is not alone. Alongside her are several of her most skilled subordinates, and also Blacknail the hobgoblin. He wasn’t invited, but no one said he couldn’t come either. Daggerpoint has never seen anyone like him, and Herad’s usually loyal servant knows what he has to do. He is going to kill everyone who gets in his way, eat everything he wants, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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