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One Didn't Fit In

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Burt Lang, the famous fashion photographer had been asked by the wealthy Leo McDart to do some fashion shooting down in Tampa Florida, together with his older models Eva and Alice. With the load of dresses, Burt needed two more models, and found Zaza and Olga. During this fashion shoots, a big disagreement between Eva and Zaza. As both Burt, and Leo McDart agreed with Zaza, Eva quit and left the shooting. Eva together with a white supremacist group, tried to get her vengeance on Zaza. However, Zaza's two brothers, John and Peter quickly changed the mind on Eva's five friends. She got so mad, she totally destroyed her rental apartment, and got a three month jail. In the jail, Eva killed another inmate. There turned out to be more problems during the next fashion shooting, Burt and Zaza took care of the problem together.

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