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The Final Plot of Valerie Lott

Length: 358 pages5 hours


Valerie Lott is a reporter living in Tucson, Arizona, when she meets a man at the ball park while waiting to interview a baseball star. Their conversation affects her deeply. He is so alive in the moment, she can't forget him. Homeless? When a councilman's daughter is kidnapped, thought, the description fits the man she met. Could her instincts be wrong about him? She is so certain that he can't be a criminal that she tries to find him before police do... But first we meet David, who left Tucson prior to visit a former astronomer colleague in Dubai. He feels lost, unsure what to do next with his life. An explosive attack on the Burj Khalifa tags him as a suspect with police there, too. Amid the billionaires who finance science projects, and an underworld figure seeking revenge for the attack, David targets another man who lives there for his own revenge: that of bankrupting his mother prior to her death. What happens next is anything but predictable. Partly based on The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, The Final Plot of Valerie Lott is about transformations and second chances...just when you believe they are impossible.

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