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Illustrated Kid Stories

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I used to tell bed time stories to my two children when they were young. Some of those stories were retold and some of them are out of my cheer imagination. Telling every day a new story is itself a real challenge. I told them Aesop’s stories, stories from Panchatantra, stories from Mahabharata and Ramayana, folklores of Assam, compilation of Rasaraj Laxminath Bezbarua. Whenever I had to repeat any story, I had to use lot of spices on the original versions. Sometimes they liked those and sometimes they dumped those, with a scream ‘Why you are repeating the same story once again?
Therefore, these are not my stories, but real authors are someone else. Some of the stories already published in my earlier book Putting Children to bed. Therefore, do not try to find any originality in these stories; but still I hope children will like the stories.

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