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The Gemini Prophecy: A Fae Myth: Gemini Prophecy

Length: 146 pages1 hour


Destiny stares at you in dreams then stalks you in waking nightmares…

Two thirteen-year-old Irish girls stumble upon a magical book hidden within standing stones at a long forgotten portal. Believing local mythology is merely an interesting tale about immortal killers, vengeful gods, and age-old battles, Morgan and Brianna take the stories lightly...until the book mentions their ancestors.

A deadly rift once split the fae and mortal realms as the result of a forbidden love between the fae and druids. The Gemini, their descendants, chosen caretakers of the elemental stones, are challenged to protect the elements. Evil forces use black magic to release the daemon from the Underworld vowing to destroy all the Gemini.

The girls discover Morgan may be destined to fulfill that ancient prophecy.

When psychics and profilers, all over the world, are again targeted for death, the historic pattern becomes obvious to a former FBI agent. Forced to join forces with an Irish psychic, they discover an improbable relationship links their past.

Mythology isn’t in the training manual, but when Graeme witnessed a killer disappear into a solid stone wall, he admitted it was time for a reality check. Then the Irish woman’s words seep into his waking thoughts, and he’s convinced she's the same girl who’s been in his dreams since childhood, his imaginary playmate. What does this ability to enter each other’s minds asleep or awake mean?

Morgan can’t believe the stubborn man refuses to accept their connection...until the shared dreams turn into nightmares.

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