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Queen of the Mermaids
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If you like honest, heartful,romantic, adventurous orjust mind busting, require thinking poetry mixed into a little box of treats for you-The this is your BookPublished poet and writer B.M.Wilson has been writing since the age of a tot.Her work has been featured allover, including in some business ads growing up.In this book titled"Queen of the Mermaids"your mind will swirl, question and make you wonder about the mastor peice behind the mind of this young poet.As you discover her early work as a tot, towards herlate work during her early teens.This author and poet has desided to share her world of both Imanagation and Creativiness with you, all mixed up into a package of None limiting ideas and words for you and your family to enjoy for ages to come.-prepare to be Blow'n away, This is an Introduction to the Great mind and works of Bershanned Marlena Wilson
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Queen of the Mermaids - Bershanned Wilson

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