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“Come and show me another city with lifted head singing so proud to be alive and coarse and strong and cunning.” --Carl Sandburg, Chicago PoemsGOAT TROUBLES and other CHICAGO Poems is a broad assortment of fresh poetry celebrating all things Chicago; and from the disillusioned heart of the Windy City’s grand American obsession: baseball! Throughout, a diverse assembly of poems, John Ross conducts a tender yet bold voyage through many of Chicago’s most noted and often times overlooked places. Honoring his absent guide, and declaring inspiration with his opening poem, Citing Carl Sandburg in the book’s warm early verses, Ross establishes his devotion and loyalty to the city he’s come to call his home: “LIKE him, I too brood about things/ with my lap top in the corner/ of / an L train; …like Carl Sandburg/I can write volumes about Chicago/ after breathing the town over/ for months then years.” From such elegies as On Behalf of Lovable Losers and The Pallid Pier to the reverential tributes affirmed in Green Mill Cocktail Lounge, Third Coast Winters, and Alta Vista Terrace, Ross re-establishes a poetic legacy venerating the unique marvel and contributions of this great Midwestern city. A big town once associated with the counterfeit glamour of gangsters, to the butchering stockyards, and finally with the proud birth of the world’s first skyscrapers, this compilation gladly rejoices in the ever evolving Chicago, one first acknowledged as early as 1883 by that grand American folk hero, Mark Twain: “She is always a novelty;For she is neverThe Chicago you sawWhen you passedThrough the last time.”
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