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The goal of this scale book is to provide a full range of fundamental techniques for the performer in advance studies on the saxophone and oboe. The patterns of the exercises are presented in a continuously rhythmic articulation for maximum development. The scale book is designed to supply the sax and oboe player with a full range of capabilities. The scale book consists of the following information: major scales, harmonic minor scales, major third progressions, minor third progressions, chromatic scales, major arpeggios, harmonic minor arpeggios, whole tone scales, diminished seventh chord study, augmented chord study, whole tones scales in thirds, chromatic scale in minor thirds, chromatic scale in major thirds, interval studies, and the altissimo register fingering chart for saxophones. Some of the scales are designed in two octave patterns. There is a continual, sixteen-note rhythmic pattern throughout all the scales. Take the time to work through the scale book routinely. This will allow you the opportunity to play through the book within an hour-long practice session and enhance your skills. Playing entire scales is rewarding to one's ability. As you unlock the doors to your untapped potential, you will earn the level of success you want to achieve in playing the saxophone and oboe. The altissimo register fingering chart for saxophones is available to improve on your overall range capabilities. Some of the notes will be difficult to play, but striving to maintain a balanced embouchure and lower jaw pressure support should bring positive results. We truly hope that you enjoy,
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