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Wild Tropics: Christmas Key, #2

Length: 315 pages4 hours


“I'd highly recommend this book and I personally can't wait to see the adventures awaiting Holly and the gang in book three!” —Amazon Review

“This to me is like my Jance and Evanovich books.. I wait excitedly or them to come out, then I sit and look at them for a day or two...because they are sooo good and I finish them so quickly, that I have to start the wait all over again!” —Amazon Review 

With the crew of 'Wild Tropics' arriving to film their reality show in the middle of a Halloween heatwave, mayor Holly Baxter has her hands full with PR duties, and not everyone is thrilled to have cameras and prying eyes on Christmas Key. In fact, one of the locals is more than happy to let her know how he feels about the situation, and before she knows it, Holly is defending her choices in front of the whole island... 

Following their steamy summer fling, River O'Leary pays Holly another visit for the holidays. But their timing is all wrong: Holly's locked in a battle for the title of mayor, and she's worried about the reality show turning into a runaway train that she can't control. In the midst of all this chaos, can Holly juggle both her own desires and her neighbors' needs? And will Holly and River be able to stoke the flames of their island romance, or will their relationship fall prey to the whims of the wild tropics?

Book two of this feel-good romantic comedy series takes the reader on another tropical escape to paradise!

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