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Money Proverbs: What Ancient Wisdom Can Teach You About Managing Your Money

Length: 102 pages1 hour


Tired of the money strategies that claim to work, but never do? Are you discouraged about your financial future because of bad money decisions in the past?

The difference between success and failure with money can be summed up by one thing: wisdom.

Money Proverbs introduces readers to 12 Ancient Principles based on biblical wisdom that has stayed relevant over generations. Whether your goal is maximizing your income, climbing out of debt, or developing an understanding of personal finance, this book is your guide to reaching your financial goals one proverb at a time.

Readers will learn:

Timeless truths on increasing your income by focusing on your strengths and improving upon them Ancient perspectives on investing that has nothing to do with the stock market Simple saving techniques that have been around for centuries Reasons on why generosity has a positive impact on your finances, instead of a negative one

Understanding ancient money wisdom will give you perspective on your current finances and clarity for the future.

Money Proverbs is 134 pages in print.

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