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Carrie and the Crazy Quilt: Carrie Heidenworth, Pioneer Girl

Length: 91 pages1 hour


In pioneer Wisconsin in 1871, thirteen-year-old Carrie Heidenworth, daughter of a German immigrant family, runs for her life from the raging storm of the great Peshtigo Fire as it races through the countryside to the north of Green Bay. Separated from her family, with little brother Fritz in tow, Carrie races with others, including Father Pernin, priest of the local Catholic church, to a bridge crossing the Peshtigo River.

Suddenly, young Carrie finds herself clinging to the back of a cow swimming in the river, praying that she and Fritz and several friends will survive the night as the firestorm raged overhead.

The Peshtigo Fire occurred on the same night as the Great Chicago Fire (October 8) and was much more deadly, with over 1,000 lives lost. This dramatic chapter book for young readers, based in part on a true story, deals in positively with issues of faith and trust, friendship and courage. Recipient of a Book Award of Merit (1997) from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.

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Nelda Johnson Liebig was born in Oklahoma. She has taught elementary school in Alaska and adults in Russia. When she wrote this book, she lived in Oconto, near Peshtigo, where the story takes place, but she now lives in the town of Gardner, Kansas.

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