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Zombie! Origins

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Doctor Sanjay Reddy is on the verge of achieving a lifesaving biomedical breakthrough, but instead finds himself responsible for unleashing the zombie apocalypse from the basement laboratory of a renowned university. The Human Delayed Neuronal Apoptosis Retrovirus had the potential to conquer death by reengineering the human genome to supply oxygenated blood to the brain upon failure of the circulatory system. After years of testing the engineered virus on animal subjects and fine-tuning the genomic sequence, HDNARV is nearly ready for human trials. But chaos erupts when a mutated strain is injected into a dying human and panicking scientists trigger the emergency lockdown system, trapping everyone in a zombie infested laboratory. If Sanjay is to survive, he must learn to work with a slew of imbeciles, including his discombobulated internaroni, a dimwitted billionaire, an inventive mad scientist, a power-crazed alpha male, and a squad of robo nerds. But more importantly, if Sanjay hopes to woo the love of his life, he must avoid the human resources department and vanquish professor booger eater.

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