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Heir of Salvation

340 pages2 hours


Raw from Donalt’s latest assault, Landen and Willow set a course for Infante. Once there, they hit an impasse. As young gods, their power is too elevated to roam the dimension. The Dominarum coven can balance their vim. However, the barter they ask to make is deadly.

It has been five years since Raven BellaRose watched her first boyfriend die in her arms. Death is a goodbye she refuses to accept; she knew her families coven had the power to bring Rydell King back. In her covens eyes, Raven is betrothed and should remain safe and content until they tell her it's time to fight. The entrapment gave Raven no choice but to make new friends and find her way into death. Her broken path leaves her standing at the end, looking back, trying to understand who to trust and why.

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