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The Language Of Flowers: Introduction to Flowers and Their Meaning. The Personalities of Different Flowers

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Everybody knows the significance of a red long-stemmed rose as a symbol of love, but what about the hydrangea or the daffodil? Did you know that flowers have their own hidden language, as full of meaning, symbolism, and intrigue as any spoken dialect? The practice of uncovering this secret knowledge is known as floriography, and learning it can make you a more effective communicator! By learning to speak through flowers, you can learn a new skill that applies to almost any occasion, as you uncover the nuances of conveying feelings through the universal gift of beautiful, fresh blooms.

Did you know that each month has its own birth flower? How about the fact that each different color of a specific type of flower has something unique to say? 
Here is what you will learn after reading this book:

- How to select which flowers to give as gifts on a number of specific occasions like weddings, funerals, birthdays, and more!

- A history of the hidden language of flowers

- How to create arrangements that communicate how you feel

- The symbolism and meaning of many types of common flowers

- The positive and negative meanings of various types of blooms

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