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Book Two of the Gods Among Dragons Series

Eiryk Redhairs knew he was different, had always been different. He wasn't a strong Norseman nor a voyaging Viking taking to the high seas. He was physically smaller than the rest of his tribesmen and would never make a good warrior with a twisted leg. After discovering he was adopted and finding his siblings, he had thought the questions of his origins would have been answered, instead he had even more.
Why was he so different from everyone around him?

The key to his questions may come from an unlikely source.

Kidnapped by Brynjar the Barbarian and Ylva, a Völva of great power, Eiryk finds himself and his dragon brother, Kalama, in a race against time to find ancient artifacts used to open the Bifrost connecting the nine realms and in the process may finally learn the secrets to who and what he truly is: human or other.

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